Abus Airbreaker Helmet

Abus Airbreaker Helmet

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The Abus Airbreaker Road Helmet is a premium offering that delivers top levels of impact protection and feels barely noticeable to the wearer. An In-Mold construction connects the outer shell with shock-absorbing EPS foam, keeping the weight of the helmet down in the process. Top-level ventilation is delivered through the clever vent design, with 11 inlets channelling air across the head, exiting through three outlets to the back.

The fit system can be finely tuned using the Zoom Ace wheel, while premium FlowStraps feel great against your skin. Pop your glasses in the AirPort holder, and if you have longer hair, Abus has catered for you by providing an aperture perfect for a ponytail.

• In-Mold construction for a durable connection with the outer shell and shock-absorbing helmet material (EPS)

• Forced Air Cooling Technology: Sophisticated ventilation system for optimal ventilation

• Excellent ventilation with 11 air inlets and 3 air outlets connected with flow channels

• FlowStraps: Aerodynamic, flutter-free and skin-friendly thanks to specially developed strap profile

• Zoom Ace: Finely adjustable system with handy wheel for a customisable fit

• AirPort: Aerodynamic glasses holder with strap guide

• Ponytail compatibility: Helmet well suited to plaits and ponytails